Advisory and Representational services to Lenders

The objective is to offer a bouquet of services to Lenders with the aim of addressing business analytical and regulatory informational needs of lenders pertaining to stressed borrower accounts. This service offering covers resolution or restructuring within and outside the IBC framework.

  • Review stage:
    • An in-depth analysis of the status of the identified borrower based on credit sanction and utilisation history and financial / operational performance information
    • Recommendation of path to be followed: Negotiated restructuring or IBC
  • Action initiation stage:
    • In case of IBC option, assisting and advising lender to ensure that application to NCLT is correct and complete in all respects

In case of outside IBC restructuring option, assisting Lender and Borrower to formulate a viable and feasible resolution plan, including monitoring and review framework

  • IBC - Post Admission Stage
    • Assist Lender in filing claim
    • Advise Lender on the forthcoming meeting agenda and its impact on the CIRP/ CD / Lender.
    • Consultative session with the Lender before the meeting so as to understand the implication of each agenda point and the stance to be adopted by the Lender.
    • Represent the Lender at the meeting of CoC
    • Evaluating the resolution plans received with respect to the feasibility and viability of the plan and compliance with requirements of IBC
    • Assist in negotiating with RA, with a view to reaching an agreement that addresses the interest of all stakeholders
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