Insolvency Process Advisory and Support to IPs (IRP / RP / Liquidator)

This service is offered to Insolvency Professionals in connection with their role as approved IRP/RP in case of CIRP and as Liquidator. Advisory and/or support services can be offered, on agreed terms, in one or all of following situations:

  • CIRP stage
    • Process advisory service throughout the CIRP period (includes assistance in drafting agenda / minutes, attending CoC meetings as part of RP's team, advising in drafting / filing of reports and applications before AA/Board/IPA
    • Assisting RP in discharging all duties and tasks mandated under IBC and compliances under other laws through provision of required skilled / qualified resources
    • Legal support as required in all cases by or against the CD
    • Providing industry specific domain expertise in managing operations of CD
    • Any specific support or assistance depending on facts and circumstances of the case
    • Assisting RP in vetting EOIs and Resolution Plans as prescribed / specified
  • Liquidation Stage
    • All advisory and support services as required, similar to offering at CIRP stage
    • Assistance in marketing of assets for maximising realisation, including sale as going concern
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