Resolution Plan implementation - Monitoring and Support Services

This service is offered to Lenders in connection with monitoring of implementation of approved resolution plan.
The service is not limited to resolution plans under IBC only and includes any restructuring or resolution package outside the IBC framework.

  • Analysis of approved Resolution Plan and listing / chalking out of:
    • Committed milestone deliverables (Financial - fund infusions and payments; Compliances - statutory and other approvals; technical and operational - upgradation, managerial and domain expertise infusion)
    • Key financial and operational review parameters
    • Schedule for monitoring and review interactions through - site visits; online meetings; electronic information exchange)
    • Resources needed to be deployed for monitoring / support
  • Identification and deployment of human and other resources: includes nomination of primary contact persons of Lender/s, Corporate Debtor / Borrower and RIPL
  • Monitoring and review of affairs of Corporate Debtor as per agreed frequency: Monthly / Quarterly or as agreed
  • Analysis of information received or collected from the Corporate Debtor: Information will also be gathered through on-site interactions with the management of the CD
  • Submission of confidential analytical reports to lenders: shall include progress and achievement status of agreed milestones and flagging of issues (noticed or potential) which may adversely affect a successful implementation of the resolution plan
  • Presentation to lenders: on periodic basis as agreed, the analytical reports shall be supplemented by presentations to lenders
  • Resources for monitoring: shall include dedicated senior team member supported by staff as required; deployment of domain or other expert or supervisory personnel at the site of the CD shall also be provided on agreed terms
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