Skill Development Training for IPs and their Support Staff

The norm for optimal skill-set upgradation is staying abreast with developments in resolution / liquidation processes and procedures, and with alterations in regulatory and legal requirements, whether through amendments or growing jurisprudence.

We offer interactive skill development training sessions for IPs and their support staff, through resource persons and faculty drawn from within RIPL as also domain experts from the market and the community of experienced IPs. Our hallmark is participative training, in which the target audience is expected to upgrade through intensive interaction with faculty and other participants.

  • Skill Development training for IPs
    • Different facets of the CIRP process
    • Handling operational issues arising in the management of affairs of CDs from different industry segments
    • Filing and representation before the Adjudicatory Authority
    • The conduct of liquidation
    • Dealing with the liquidation estate
    • Understanding / adhering to regulatory and legal requirements
  • Skill Development training for the Support Staff of IPs
    • Drafting of documents – Notices and Agenda; Minutes; letters to authorities; routine MAs before AA; Reports required to be filed by IRP/RP/Liquidator; advertisement and announcements
    • Compliance documents – preparing and filing with appropriate authorities (MCA; GST; IT etc)
    • Document management – simple and cost-effective ways of document storage and retrieval (primarily electronic mode)
    • Interfacing with directors (suspended), managers and staff of CD
    • Understanding claims and claim support documentation
    • Basics of reading and analysing accounting records and information
  • Training in IBC and Restructuring Frameworks (RBI; CA 2013) for Staff of Banks, FIs, ARCs and NBFCs
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